In the Depths of Concrete Jungles

On a jog from my apartment in the Upper East Side, I was carried by my legs past the gym and straight to Central Park where I found myself thoroughly inspired. Past half-frozen ponds and trickling meadows, the world was unfolding and displaying its wintry beauty.
I took some photos for you that I hope you’ll enjoy. I also filmed something. I was by a stream and it was so beautiful that I sat down and just meditated quietly as it trickled along. After some time, it was so lovely, I wanted to capture it for you all.

Life is what it is…


That is all there is…


You can run from it if you choose,


You can fight it if you dare,


But it will find you.


Instead, lean into it, embrace it, flow with its force.


And you can rest assured knowing, that nothing is sure, nothing is certain, fate is its own steward.


But if you flow with the current of life you will find,


that even in concrete jungles


the beauty of nature will find you


and bless you


assuring you that all will be well.


Live with love


Лаку Ноч

(Good Night- Serbian)

The Liberated Polyglot

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