What’s Your Art?: “Love…for me, it takes a great deal of work”


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This is Michael. We met at the yoghurt shop on my way home from work. Not sure what possessed me to go get some frozen yoghurt in 13˚F weather, but there you go.

Michael was in Poland during the ’80s at Jagiellonian University! We had a lot to talk about: the way Poland has changed so much since then, the way that history has affected him and the people he’s interacted with over the years and how there are good people all over the world…but for sure in Poland 🙂

Here is what he had to say.

Michael is a retired school counselor and he used to teach and counsel at a school just down the street from mine in East New York, Brooklyn! He spent a good half an hour giving me tips on what to do if the trains go down, if I need to walk or what busses to take if I need to leave in a hurry.  It was amazing to hear about the way the area where I teach has changed and developed over time.

Michael shared stories about his travels, his family and the things that make him happy and sad. We discussed what it means to be a teacher and how sometimes, to some people, it comes naturally.

We talked over yoghurt for about 2 hours and then I had to leave because I had to teach the next morning. But before I left, he took the time to introduce me to the Polish security guard at the Barnes & Noble next door, so I could practice my Polish anytime I pass through! haha He also gave me his business card, in case I ever wanted company when I went to Gracie’s, his favorite breakfast spot down the street that I have to try! It was brilliant.

Michael is a pretty cool guy and I am lucky to have gotten the chance to talk with him and take in some bits of wisdom from a life well lived. Talking to strangers has given me some pretty good insights…who knew?


(Goodbye- Assyrian)

The Liberated Polyglot



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