Poems and Scribbles

IMG_2046Shades of Rage

Molten alloy chars endless veins,

fire coursing along retinal arteries.

Trembling tendons burden cellulite and sinew.


The man by the bin hollers at me

“Hola negra- How you doin’ beautiful?”

A discarded Dunkin Donuts cup blows past my feet.


Intestines twist to choke the lungs,

grasping at the vital organs, severing existence.

The Will fighting for a say in the inferno.


Dewy vision, scalding cheeks

reflected in a subway car window.

“Dominicana?” she asks me.


“No” I say, “Mexicana..”

but I taste the lie on my swollen tongue

as memories I cannot remember complete my break with reality



The Liberated Polyglot

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