To Remove the River From the City

DSCN0928They told me to forget,

that’s something I could never do.

They told me to move on,

to the memories I hold tighter.

They say all good things come to an end,

I rebuild old structures with ashy stones.

They say I must forgive,

and I have with all my heart.

DSCN0872To forget so great a love,

would be like removing the river from the city.

To move on without a passing glance,

would be to step on graves and monuments.

So I rebuild the haven of yesterday,

so one day when I look down,

the streets are laden with stones of memory,

and the walls with DSCN1110slabs of strength.

The roofs won’t cave,

for they’re held up by hearts that remember,

but are not weighed down with grief.

The steeple and the minarets,

and the temples too,

will house the shadows of the battles,

but will soothe the living through.

The city of yesterday, battle scars and all,

will stand up tall and stronger for its wounds.

So next time you tell me to forget,

to move on, to shed the memories and faults,

just know I won’t- I never will,

I’m building a glittering city in my heart.


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