Enter upon our shores,

heal your wounds

put balm on your tender sores.

Take advantage of the boons

of your new country.

Shed the skin

of where you’re from,

give up your old identity,


because here, the only thing to do,

is cover your ears, shut your eyes

as your painted red, white and blue.


Any doubts inside your mind,

set them aside.

Contemplate the truth

of the opportunity granted to you.

Don’t question the zeitgeist

of a market economy,

because wearing this flag

is as good as it’s gonna be.


Your people, they’re savages,

backwards and traditional,

they don’t perceive materialism

as the pinnacle

of life’s purpose and all


the world is inferior,

because they lack our wealth

in their borders interior.

The irony is, we exploit the health

and resources of home country,

taking their goods and making money,

and we lure the most talented

out of their homes,

making the smartest reject their own,

robbing homeland of the educated,

making it easy to see what we want

and just take it.

And the immigrants, well they’re just patriots now,

they don’t care how,

the clothes on their backs

come at the cost of violent attacks.

They forget that grandma’s village is dead and gone,

because of a drone, sent by your new home.


But sure, stand up and

wave your flag,

send your sons to battle

in a war you don’t understand


Pray to God and thank

your lucky stars

that your so far

from that place that you left,

linking current tragedy

to those “others” you see on t.v.

and you forget to consider

that the media’s built to belittle

and elevate the mental state

of those in between

Sea to shining Sea,

dubbing the outside

as the enemy.


But wait, hold on a second,

Isn’t this a country of immigrants?

Oh no, we don’t celebrate difference.

We think that because our skin color’s different,

we accept the world with benevolence.

But let’s be real,

In one generation we all but feel

the same,


painted internally,

in the colors of country.

Don’t get me wrong,

this isn’t a problem,

until we stop caring

for anyone else,

thinking that

this charade will last,

we continue to blast

the poor of the world

exploiting through war,

filling our cars

with the liquid of tanks,

which fuel the banks

that fund world’s hate

and greed.


You see, what we need,

is to reclaim identity,

or reconsider it.

Because what does it mean

if you bleed

red, white and blue

when all you consider

is what happens to you?

Ignore the agenda

of profits

and forget to remember

where you came from,

let your morals come undone

and plant more seeds

of inequality,

not just here but

around the world.

See you have no right,

because remember,


someone you know

walked off a boat

looking for a better life.

But perhaps, just maybe,

the life that was left

was a life that was created

by the very same people who

keep your thirst for money satiated.

False appearances, false promises,

reality, carefully constructed.


So, if you’re here,

be grateful dear,

but don’t sit back compliant.

Don’t close your eyes,

don’t close your ears.

Sharpen your tongue

and refresh your memory,

brush up on your history,

don’t shed your identity,

to take up what’s popular on the tele.


In fact, grip tight

To the world you came from,

let their pain be fuel on which you run

to make some noise

and change the tide

for those we exploit.


So, if you’re gonna take up

the red, white and blue,

don’t just sit and worry

about what happens to you,

because your actions

have widespread reactions

and the balance of power

won’t last forever.


The Devil’s got a special place

in hell for complacent sinners.

So take a second,


The balance of power,

Won’t last forever.

In the sky between LA and NYC
April, 2015

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