Być albo nie być?

My new form of transport Kyiv, Ukraine

My new form of transport | Kyiv, Ukraine

A bus stop is not a bus stop,
rather it is a moment of adjudication.
To stop or not to stop?
A saleswoman is not a saleswoman,
she is but a person who ponders.
To sell today or not to sell today?
A credit card terminal is not a credit card terminal,
it is but a signal to deliberate.
To function this time or not to function this time?
A coffee shop, is not a coffee shop,
it is here today, gone tomorrow and over there the next day.
Is it here today?
A menu is not a menu,
rather it is a list of potentialities.
Is there potential for soup today?
A national language is not a national language,
it is but a personal inclination.
Do I speak Rus-Krainian today?
Kyiv is Kyiv.
It is both solid and ephemeral.
Will you understand Kyiv today?

Kyiv, Ukraine
Września, 2015

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