They say we are inventors
of our own lives-

But what happens when
love and geopolitics collide?

They say it’s up to us
to go make history-

But what happens when
our fates are tied to the economy?

They say that we are
dreamers and creators-

But what happens when
your not the one the Devil favors?

They say that students
are the future

And that teachers
are their makers-

But what happens when
Teachers are not immune to sin-

What happens when
the world is run by flawed human?

So teachers teach
and students learn

to shape the world
and wait their turn-

For when the ink dries
and we erase the smudge,

all that we’ve done
the generations will judge.

You may do your best
to cast the die

in the direction
you think is right.

But don’t forget
that apple red

tasted sweet
before it bled regret.

Don’t think too hard,
you’ll freeze in place-

But don’t think that motion
will be your saving grace.

Feel the weight
of conscience there,

but don’t imagine
that snakes can care.

For to feel the sting
of errors made,

is not a thing
that reptiles share.

Harbor homeland
in your heart,

but know that homelands
can tear homes apart.

Grip your flag
tight about your chest,

but let it go when
it threatens to stop your breathe.

Let God in
your soul and mind,

but notice when
your goals are not aligned.

They say that God
lives in all of us,

but how do we know,
which bit of us to trust?

For even ribs
of the same life

can turn to Origin
and unleash strife.

Count the petals
of the flower,

and taste the nuance
of ruby seeds-

But don’t pretend
that once your done,

the winds of change
have not begun.

Your motion here,
turns soil there-

the webs of Earth
tug everywhere.


See your reflection
upon the glass,

but know the vision
cannot last,

for time is not
a constant thing

and crooked mirrors
reflect illusively.

They say we are inventors
of our own lives,

but what happens when
God and Devil collide?

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