I always find it funny,
it tickles me a bit,
when I run into someone
who lives in constant,
perpetual judgment.

These very funny people,
comedians, if you will,
spend there days casting
doubt, and hate and vitriol
on people they don’t know.

Then these funny people,
once they’ve dished their
poison to the world
look into a mirror
and like themselves the more.

Indeed, these funny people,
sit in circles and ascribe
to large groups of people,
characteristics and traits,
abashing nuance, cursing shades.

“Americans are stupid.”*
“Mexicans are poor.”*
“Serbians are murderers.”*
“Muslims are terrorists.”*
“Russians are drunks.”*

These sweeping generalizations
seem to be their form of joke,
or maybe it’s simply that the
only way to define themselves,
is to define others as jokes.

But what I find the most amusing,
is that they never flip the mirror
to their own face and scrutinize
the ways in which they criticize
all others that they meet.

So quick to run to condescension,
so slow to ask a couple questions
that might elucidate some nuances
some differences that sketch
another image.

But then, I think that if they did,
these hysterical comedians,
they’d have to change their point of view
and the emotions they eschew.

Comedians like this, define themselves
in contrast, placing you there
and me here and themselves
somewhere up above,
feet never touching the ground.

It’s sad really, these false
prescriptions that only
serve as poisons that eat
away understanding and

But to these funny people
maybe these ascriptions
are a sense of comfort,
something they want,
no need, to believe.

Because if these funny
people cast aside their
Well, there would be
no more jokes to tell.

*None of these generalizations are the beliefs of the author, they are examples of generalizations heard in this funny little life.

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