Одеса, Україна

Despite all the many things
that cause us to cry and scream,
in the end we only remember
those we loved and the happy
moments in between.

So although we’re full of faults,
both in you and in me,
all I really have for you
are wishes that you’ll be-

wishes that you’ll be happy,
that you’ll leave your fears behind,
that you’ll tuck your pain into yesterday
and wishes that you’ll find

joy in simple moments,
and love in simple times,
hugs in those whole love you too
and kisses sweet as wine.

I want endless comfort
and bottomless pitchers of luck
to find their way into your hands
and never leave your cup.

There are very many things
you’ve said and many more
that I’ve said too-

But all those things
don’t mean a thing
when you’ve lived your life
all through.

A friend of mine
he said to me
angel that he was

that more than grief
and more than pain
the thing that we should do

is set us all
a little free
and forgive all that we do.

And a real good way
to do all of this
is to wish good things
both for me and for you.

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