I do not know how to
put words to tongue
about that which I
feel for you- a ghost
in my eternal memory.

How to express what my heart
felt when it beat near yours
is like attempting to describe
the nearness of the sun to
sky and of the vein to blood.

You are so integrally a part
of me and yet so willing to refuse
me-to escape to another with
so little to offer but a tongue that
you have deemed more worthy,
more fitting to your existence…

But as one who lives between
the folds of linguistic differences,
whose tongue has abandoned her,
and who harbors culture despite
language- I can tell you

that speaking, as melodic
as it might seem, is no more
than a method of expressing love
and need-and I can express both
in many a tongue…be it not yours…

but “I need you” is universal
and “I love you” is beyond this realm.
If you are truly of the soul
then the only tongue is that which
exists between pulses.

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