Правила Выживания


Rules for surviving here:

Remember that your taxi car will break down mid-street
at least once every week.

Remember to keep your face straight when instead the driver
turns off the car at every red traffic light.

Remember that the Marshrutka driver will
always skip your stop.

Unless of course you learn to yell down rows of seats
asking him to pause.

Remember that at restaurants your food will
never come in order.

Rather you’ll get coffee with your salad and
soup with your dessert.

Don’t expect the plumbing to work properly,
or the power to stay on.

If you want hot water, you may have to learn to bang and
switch and swivel a couple nobs.

Come to terms with the fact that everyone is lying,
no matter what they say.

And finally, remember, to avoid the falling ice,
it’s a way to die that isn’t very nice.

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