64d25f27-5f6c-4743-a167-7794b5259ee9.jpgShovel dirt and toss it in.
Don’t listen to the cries of
others refusing to accept the
fate you’ve tricked yourself
into believing was for you .

Start the fire with your
own matches and then wonder
at how it burns. Shoot the gun
which starts the war and
then regret ensuing blood.

Fail to have the courage
to demand what you would
have, and find that the
scavengers will hole up in
the places you’ve left bare.

Feed into the illusion
that empty places have been
filled, mistaking parasites
for home, and wonder why
they’ve eaten up your soul.

Once you’ve hammered in
the nail of the coffin
where you lay, be sure
to shovel nice and deep
so that dirt won’t be able

to let your dreams escape.

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