Let it rest


Let it rest.

Who are you to deny
entry onto land that is
only on loan to you?
Like library books
marked with the
passage of time and
temporary keeper,
it belongs to no one
and to all of us.

Let it rest.

Who are you to put
up fences and decide
which worthy few
can live here,
can work here? For
if you can judge
the worth of him,
then what stops you
from judging me?

Let it rest.

These myths that
some work harder
and others murder
based on little
more than the shape
of faith, which really
has no shape;
invisible as it is,
we believe.

Let it rest,
the calls for brown
to stand behind the
gate, for scarf to
burn upon the stake.

Let it rest,
The deaths upon
the sea, the sting
of tear gas sprung
to make them flee.

Let it all rest,
for sooner than
we think, we’ll
all lay beneath the
dirt, our whites and
browns and scarves
and all will mix
deep in the ground-
no fence.

May we rest.

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