Artificial Trees

IMG_2809.jpgHow simple we all are,
running from shadows
and trusting poltergeists.

How cretinous we all are,
allowing small seeds of hate
to strangle all that’s good.

How easily we gulp
icy cool water, refreshing
because hypocrisy and

distortion allow us to lift the
burden from our tired, our poor,
our unwilling shoulders.

Like sycophants we welcome
the ire of personalities
that cast blame’s glare

away from us
and over there.

We rally to defend
contrived truths and
believe them, because

not to would mean we’d
have to search for the seed
of truth amongst very

tall trees of falsehoods
that have made the
world their home.

And once we’ve searched
far and wide and found it
then we’d need to

understand it, face it,
and no poltergeist
will be able to cast

blame’s light
anywhere but here…

and we’d have to learn
to live with this heavy
seed of truth.

But we’re too simple
for all of that…

so we hide in
artificial trees instead.

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