unnamed-1.jpgHow to spot the devil.

A devil is always unhappy.
He finds tender spots and then,
with sharpened claws, does
slowly knick at the fleshy nerves.

The goal you see, is not
to kill instantaneously, rather
the goal is to render upon
the recipient, a slow death.

A nudge here, a snide remark
that cuts the soul, a subtle reminder
that the devil is unhappy and so
too will you be, inevitably.

Spotting the devil is not
so easily done as is feeling
him out, following the trail
of cardiovascular blood to the

dark cave he has made his home for
lack of sun, and optimism and
happy things. The devil gives his
love only to the weak, with whom

he feels comfortable revealing
vulnerability…for to love the strong
is the work of Angels who fly high
and fear not plummeting swiftly down to Earth.

To spot the Devil, look below
where there is no chance of falling…

ever again.

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