Red or Blue-
pick your pill,
pick your poison.

Play in the charade,
for what else have
you got to do but
pretend to have a

How to comment on
what is not real,
how to cast the
dice when metal
weighs its fall?

Ask me, ask me
what I think- and I
will but freeze,
expressing lines that
were taught to me

for my thoughts are
no more original than
the people who formed
them from a young age-
I have no thoughts.

Please don’t ask me,
I am not wise, I
have no foresight,
my friends no more
original than I-

Mere sycophants who
let hair and hip
degrade perceptions
of wit- for there
is nothing there

that was not planted.
Red or Blue? Orange
or green, or purple
don’t live here- this
is not the world of

unlimited possibilities.
The world is what they
tell you, so pick.
Let not the fires that
blaze around you

prevent you from
playing this game. The
fires are not for you
to worry about; you
should not notice when

you, too, are set aflame…

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