Somehow I knew,
that somewhere deep,
sand deep in ocean blue,
that the enemy of me
was the enemy in you.

Try and turn the tide,
and wash the murky
from your waters, but
the Ocean is what it wills,
a natural ebb and flow

of color. White only appears
as the wave kisses the shore,
a lovely glitter in a lovelier
canvas that cannot be undone.
Nature cannot be fought.

Poddanie Się

Relinquish past and future,
give into the spirit of timeless-
ness and in so doing, revel in
the presence of God

Demand not that a place or
a person should bring happiness
upon you and then destruct
upon the disappointment

Need not the past to formulate
your identity, your worth, your
reality. The past is gone, and to
dwell on it is to lose the present.

Need not the future to fulfill you.
Future will, inevitably, come to
pass and to dwell on what comes
tomorrow is to lose the present.

Align not with your pain, it is
neither you nor who you want
to be. Let it not consume you,
let it not become you. Release.