Promień Słońca

Tsaghadzor Village, Armenia

A smile that strikes the soul
like the sunbeam searing through
a gap in the clouds after a storm…

Would that sunbeam only
shine upon my upturned face,
choosing its landing place

like the resolute convergence
of a sword on its quivering victim-
supplication and saccharine capitulation.

Mine is a jealous heart,
possessive of sunbeams…


Sitting beneath the altar
of He who is so revered,
the echoey silence
and incense float like
gossamer fit for the virgin
Queen who reigns here-

Eyes closed, breathing in
the faith that is not my own,
not even certain that I have
any of it in my heart to hold-

Tears drop for a sadness I
cannot name nor know from
where it came, sliding onto
the grandiose foundation
of the Heavenly palace

staining it with the mortal
sins of a faithless libertine.

Miłość to Decyzja


Noravank Monastery, Armenia

Love is but a decision.

The decision to go.
The decision to stay.

The decision to keep coming back.
The decision to return.

All of love is the decision
to stay bound, tied

across the seas and skies,
the mountains and rivers.

Love is the decision that we are,
that we will continue to be,

that we are alive- Together.



Mtskheta, Georgia

The passing of time,
bleeds like an open wound,
refusing to clot, to still.

The moments come and go,
insignificant things, and
yet pregnant with import.

Bleeding, leaving behind
carcasses in desperate need
of transfusion, transcendence.

For this operation, there is
no wait list, no billions
that will stop the flow.

This oblique river stops
for no man, bleeding on
unchecked and without remorse.

Od Centrum


Ararat, Armenia

I stand firm,
on these rocks
on this dirt

content in the
centrifugal contents
coursing through me.

Saroyan wrote
a thing or two
about folks like me

cast about the earth,
strewn somewhere.
away from here.

He wrote about
small people,
in a big world

a civilization
locked into its
own past

never to be
unleashed and

until they are…

But if they
never did, no
less vibrant

would they be.