When I was young,

I used to want

a very many things.


I used to look

inside the shops

and yearn for shiny rings.


Then I grew up

and learned a lot

about this world of things.


That more than not,

the things you want

will just weigh down your wings.

April, 2015
Los Angeles, CA

Think in Poetry

Sometimes, I think in poems.

I meditate in a strange tongue,

not in English, but in poetry.


Sometimes, my thoughts are rhythm,

Sometimes they flow, blank verse.


Sometimes my day dreams

are in iambic pentameter,

my nightmares, a haiku.


My memories come in sonnets,

and my thoughts morph into ballads.


But I guess there isn’t any harm,

if one should think in poetry…

Just make sure you keep it quiet,

lest people think you’re crazy.


In Hollywood

they make these films

that people take as life.


No one bothers

to play the hero

to take a risk or roll the dice.


For why should one

let everything go,

fly to foreign lands,


when always there

is Hollywood

to do what risk demands?


So I’ll be Hepburn

and fly to you

when no one else dost dare,


for a heroine

on this green earth

would make the world

more fair.


I hate the rain

all the time,

I hate the way it falls.


I hate the wetness

in my hair,

the moisture on the walls.


But on some nights

when lightning strikes

and I feel your lips on mine-


for one small moment,

just a second,

I sort of change my mind.


Droplets fall,

like polka dots,

to speckle this green earth.


They quench the

thirst of trees that

grow and make the flowers burst.


So marry me

for all time

to this funny little life,


that tears asunder


and makes a parody of strife.


Love me tender,

Love me always,

droplets of the veins


that satiate

the heart and marrow

of our earthly brains.


The Liberated Polyglot

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