Praga Połnoc

There are those who chase dreams,

imaginings of what could be.


There are some who chase shadows,

afterthoughts of sunlight’s sheen.


Then there are those who chase fantasies,

things that don’t exist and could never be.

To those who chase dreams,

remember to savor your reality.


To those who chase shadows,

don’t be afraid to cast your own.

To those who chase fantasies,

beware that what you seek to see


is not the truth, nor does it live

more than skin deep.


Your grasping hands may loathe to find,

that fantasies exist only in the mind.

Sierpień, 2015
Praga, PL


Peace is the feeling of

sunshine and sand.


Peace is the kiss of

seaweed and saltwater.


Peace is the sigh of

a sandcastle hit by waves…


it knows the sea was

meant to ensnare it.


And even if the sand takes

a different form,


the sand knows it will be

reborn more beautiful.


This is peace.

Santa Monica, CA
April, 2015


Photo on 4-4-15 at 10.46 AM


One day I went hunting,

for something I couldn’t name.

I looked within the gardens

of palaces and dreams.


One day I went looking,

in places I shouldn’t go.

I looked within the catacombs

of empires and thrones.


One day I went searching

in villages and mosques.

I looked inside the hopelessness

of people who were lost.


Once I would go hunting,

inside people’s hearts.

I looked within their fears,

and studied all their faults.


One day I discovered,

like Franklin and his bulb,

that what I was hunting for

was deep within my soul.


April, 2015
Los Angeles, CA.

Run Into You


Dome of the Rock and Mount of the Olives, Jerusalem

There’s so much I want

to say to you,

so much I want

to ask.


So many questions,

in my head,

so many things I want

to know.


You seemed to have all of

the answers,

the world an atlas in

your mind.


I want to share

my thoughts,

and hear all that you

might think.


I want your clever

quips about

the people that

we see.


I want to hear the tales

and stories

that you always told

to me.


I want to know your


and I want to search

for truth.


But you are so far


and I am here



You are seeing

other things,

with people I

don’t know.


But I’ll write all of

my questions

right here on my



so should I ever run

into you,

these questions I

will ask.


Like, how can black and

white exist

where there is so

much gray?


And why do people’s hands


so different when

they pray?


Google may just have

the answers,

but not with your

special hue.


So I write all of

my questions

right here on my



Because one day I’ll run

into you

and these questions I

will ask.